Wiki Life: Cross Linking

Hello and welcome everybody to our Wednesday - Wiki Life post.

A few months ago I presented the User Experience Guidelines. Today I want to concentrate on an article which focuses on one particular topic of these guidelines - Cross-Linking. Let me give you an example, to make the importance of this topic more clear. As an author you want to contribute an article to the wiki. After the article is written you could easily publish it, but you should not miss one additional step - add links to your article which guides the user to additional content which he/she might find useful. Sounds easy? It is. Nevertheless, there are some pitfalls.

Fortunately, Richard Mueller has created an article about cross-linking last month on how you can do cross-linking in a clear, consisting manner, that means providing the user the best experience he/she can get. He shows how to use the portals which are already there, how to link to a parent article, or how you should use a table of contents.

- German Ninja Jan (Twitter, Blog, Profile)