Wiki Life: How Community can help

I am writing this blog post on last day of 2013. This is the first time, I believe, when I am going to celebrate New Year alone while my family is on vacation...

This year we've seen a great initiative by XAML guy TechNet Guru Contributions. This great competition brought a lot of high quality articles and many new members started to contribute on a regular basis. This is fantastic!

I personally enjoy this competition very much even though it is hard to come up with a new interesting topic every month. Luckily forum's questions often provide a material to base the contribution upon.


Now, you can see I included Community into the title of this blog. This is how you can help. Look at the bottom of the TechNet Contributions article.


It has article for each of the categories of that competition. I and Maheshkumar S Tiwari created these articles and we did our best to keep them up to date. Unfortunately, this is a hard task to be done by two people only. That's why I am asking help by other community members on keeping these articles up to date. The best time to update them is right after the results of the monthly competition are announced. Also, editing of these articles is a bit tricky - you most likely will need to go into HTML view in order to fix TOC (as you may know, there is a bug in TOC script that ignores headers which have "0" character in them. Until this bug is fixed, we need to fix name tag in HTML view of the article).

I hope you see the importance of these articles that will allow everyone to read all TechNet Guru Contribution articles in one category at once. And I do hope you will be able to help me keep these articles up to date.


Happy New Year and Best Wishes to all Wiki Ninjas and friends of TechNet Wiki!