Wiki Life-Teach a Ninja to Fish

Today’s blog post is based on the wiki article at: Feel free to add to the wiki article – it is the wiki way! Can you add instructions for your favorite RSS reader? Thanks in advance!

The TechNet wiki shows two RSS feeds:


There is also a feed for a tag in the  tag cloud:


I use Outlook 2010 to feed each of these into a folder clip_image002[2]. I then write filter rules on the folders to show me stuff that has keywords I am interested in tracking.  This blog posts has instructions on how: (I use keywords, like “Hyper-V” in addition to “sender” in my filters for the wiki RSS feed.)

However, you can hack the articles feed to show you a specific tag, like this: default.aspx


Which gives your custom-feed:

If you want to make your own categorization/table of contents/custom navigation scheme through the wiki, just start a new tag, tag the articles you want with that tag, and then subscribe to the custom tag feed. No need to mail yourself the URL, bookmark, or anything else – it’ll appear in the Outlook folder you created with your custom filter rules.

The best part of this system for me is that when I search my e-mail for <a thing>, then <things in the wiki that match> appear next to my mails. Big time saver for me. Hope it works for you as well.

Tony Soper