Wiki Life: There can be only one !

Another day I was talking to a member of the "MSDN Community" that had never created an article on our TechNet Wiki.

Actually he never even knew TNWiki existed and that he could create an article, as a developer in the "TechNet Community" .

The Man Behind TechNet Wiki, Ed Price said some time ago

Rather than create a separate Wiki Community for developers, we welcome developers into TechNet Wiki !

We don't want to separate content, we want to unite our knowledge.

The virtual frontiers appear to limit the access of people and seems makes a hostile environment for those unfamiliar.

It doesn't get any better than TechNet Wiki to join knowledge.

We write about tools, processes, configurations and many other products and solutions on Programming Languages in our TechNet Wiki.

Yes, there are great content on Programming Languages as C#VB.Net and also in various platforms: ASP.NetWindows FormsWindows Phone and others.

This small sample shows how already exists content for developers and that you can create more articles about software development.

I recommend that before you try to create a new article, seeks to improve the content of existing articles having their knowledge.

We are in a Wiki, where all articles are available for changing, always in search of the best content for everyone, but there are articles that need more aid from the Community to keep updated or to complement your content.

This articles use the Needs Work tag.

If after his experience in complementary content articles you still have any questions about how to get to share their knowledge, then I suggest that you read the articles:

- How to Contribute Content to TechNet Wiki

How to Write your First Article

What Makes a Great Wiki Article

User Experience Guidelines

You can also use a Template to structure the sections of your article. This is a feature that makes it easy to organize all your content.

This is important disclosures to all members. The MSDN Wiki is here! We are all one Community.

A Ninja Wiki shares your knowledge and also shows how to share.

See you soon here !

Brazilian Wiki Ninja Durval