Wiki Life: User Pages

Hello and welcome everybody to our Wednesday - Wiki Life post.

How do you introduce yourself to the community on your profile page? Do you say something about yourself, for example that you like dogs? Do you have the feeling that there is not enough space to tell the community who you are?
It needs hard work to give information about yourself in a short manner. But here is another problem. Imagine that you are an active member of the community (which I think you are) and you want to guide the people to blogs you are working on, samples you have written, or more important: to wiki articles you have contributed. How can you solve these problems?

A possible solution is a user page. User pages have been around for a while, but were not used heavily. Currently there are only five user pages I'm aware of, that means I can find them through the User Page tag on the wiki:

These five guys use this page to tell something about themselves, where do they contribute, and what they have contributed in the past. But what is if I do not have such amount of contributions? No problem. Everybody has started as a beginner. One step after the other. If you need a central place to tell the people who you are or a central place for yourself to find your articles: use a user page.

Are you interested in creating your own user page? If you have created one, let me know and post a comment to this post.

- German Ninja Jan (Twitter, Blog, Profile)