Wiki-Ninja’s on Technology: SQL Azure

What will you find on TechNet Wiki on Technology? You will find a lot of contributions made by community (e.g. Wiki-Ninja's, MVP's) and Microsoft employees. If you look into Technologies topic of the TechNet Wiki you will find numerous articles ranging from .NET Framework to Windows Workflow Foundation. For the SQL Azure topic more than 50 Wiki article's have been contributed to the TechNet Wiki.

Best entry point for getting to access to all the Wiki articles on SQL Azure is in my view through the SQL Azure Content Index article. It is a list initially setup by Larry Franks from Microsoft and each new article has subsequently been added by him or the authors themselves. The topics range from getting started to integration combined with articles on SQL Azure features.

If you wonder what SQL Azure is than the best explanation is given by Wikipedia. In one sentence: SQL Azure (formerly SQL Server Data Services and later SQL Services) is a cloud-based service from Microsoft offering data-storage capabilities (similar to those of Amazon S3 and Amazon Relational Database Service ) as a part of the Azure Services Platform . In short it is SQL Server in the cloud. Like SQL Server on-premise you can perform queries against relational data and so on. Yet SQL Azure is a sub-set of the full SQL Server functionality and there are limitations to the TSQL support on SQL Azure. Regardless of these limitations you can create great solutions using SQL Azure as these case studies will show:

The wiki articles have been created by people from community, Microsoft, Wiki-Ninja's, and MVP's. To name a few who have contributed one or more article's on SQL Azure: Pennj , Wesley McSwain , Selcin Turkarslan, Wayne Walter Berry, Trace Young , Dinakar, Steef-Jan Wiggers , Ed Price , Larry Franks , Vadims Podans, and MikeWasson.These contributions show the dedication of Microsoft and the community for SQL Azure. This dedication is not just shown for this product as you also will find a tremendous amount of contributions on the TechNet Wiki for other Microsoft technologies and products. With the wealth of information on TechNet Wiki, MSDN and Microsoft channels combined you can fully leverage all these technologies and products.