Wiki Ninjas - Why ninjas?

We had some folks asking how this blog got its name, so for this edition of Wiki Life Wednesday, we're going to talk about why this blog is named Wiki Ninjas!

Actually, we're going to do it with a multiple choice question. We will only tell you what the answer is if you guess first in the comments. First, here's the question...


Why use the term "ninja" in Wiki Ninjas?

Multiple Choice: Select one answer:


O    A. The term "wiki" is taken from the word "wikitsu", which is the name of the famous ninja clan.

Originally the Wikitsu Clan authored content in social environments by having daily Wiki Meetings. The ninjas would assemble in the Great Hall and would unroll the Sacred Scrolls. Upon these scrolls, the ninjas would begin writing about their sacred practices. They would all spread out and move around the room, each contributing on the different scrolls. They would also correct each other's mistakes using the editu discipline, which is where we get our modern word, "edit" from. Now fast forward to 1994, when Ward Cunningham started the first wiki website in Portland Oregon. He developed the concept based on the practices of our ancestors the Wikitsu Clan. So it seemed a natural fit to call ourselves "Wiki Ninjas"... after all, if it wasn't for the Wikitsu Ninjas, none of this would be possible.


O    B. Eric thought it sounded cool.

When Microsoft Program Manager Eric Battalio was pitching the idea of TechNet Wiki and driving its inception, he formed the term (first used in groups in early 2010) "Wiki Ninjas" to instill the idea that regular, grass-roots folks could make a difference without relying on existing processes and ideas. Essentially, it required the assistance of exceptional individuals to step forward and contribute in large ways. And so these individuals did step forward in ninja-like fashion, making large contributions and paving the way for future Wiki Ninjas. The term was used for various associated groups, and, for his Profile, Eric created the Wiki Stick Ninja, our official mascot. He then used the branding further when starting the WikiNinjas Twitter account that Ed Price and Eric run (the official TechNet Wiki Twitter account). Another Wiki Ninja, Yuri Diogenes, saw the impact and value of the WikiNinjas branding, and he created WikiNinjas_BR, the Brazilian TechNet Wiki account.

The Microsoft Profile team has also played off the name by offering Wiki Ninja Achievement Gold Medals (the first one requires the contributor to author 500 TechNet Wiki articles). Then when Ed Price and Yuri Diogenes were talking about starting a TechNet blog about TechNet Wiki, it was a natural step to build off the Twitter brand and name the blog, "Wiki Ninjas".  We then decided to play off the name even more with the blog and build out a Wiki Ninja Belt Ranking system.


O    C. We're actually ninjas.

You don't ask cowboys why people call them cowboys, do you? Our belts range from brown to black in ninjitsu. Our specialties include shuriken throwing stars, scaling walls, nunchukus, the katana, camouflage, the kunai, yumi bow, walking on water, the bow staff, stealth, the sai, and evading Mongolian invasions.


O    D. None of the above.


O    E. All of the above (including the none above).



Please select the correct answer by leaving your answer in a comment below. Have a day.




- Ninja Ed (Blog, Twitter, Wiki, Profile)