Wiki Quick tip: Check HTML - get rid of the style tag (*) in your article

(* Except Telerik styles, the ONLY one - built in - allowed)

As we see a lot of articles being overloaded with <style> </style> tag, lately, I wanted to shout out to all WikiNinjas to double check all and any Wiki HTML source code and to get rid of the redundant <style> ... </style> content.

When you edit an article, have a good look at the HTML code content.

The easiest way is to hit the 'Edit' tab'.


Once opened, check the HTML tab, below left.


Quickly search the HTML content for the <style> tag, or better </style> (as it indicates the end of the style section).

If you see content like ".telerik", then all is ok.
Reason: the TNWiki does allow style content like table layout based on Telerik style sheets.




If you see other style tags like below, you need to clean up the redundant style sections, as WIKI does not support other styles than Telerik.

Unsupported styles are not displayed, but overload the articles, which makes the articles slow to load.

The stuff below is NOT OK.

We found articles with 90% of style content.

After some analysis, we noticed that some users are using 3rd party HTML editors to edit their Wiki articles offline. Be very careful, some of these editors, inject a ton of style code in your article.

So, before you save your next edit, please check the HTML and kill the redundant <style> content.