Cardiolog 2007 for SharePoint 2007 (Lite version is free)

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Intlock have been in the market since 2005, selling its SharePoint Usage Report solution. Intlock have developed a web analytics reporting solution for SharePoint 2007, it is called CarioLog 2007.  There are three models of the solution; Lite, Professional and Enterprise.  The basic set of reports (Cardiolog Lite) is completely free, and you can add more reports to the solution. More information on the various models and pricing can be found here.

SharePoint Reports displayed by CardioLog 2007

SharePoint Reporting - Download CardioLog Lite SharePoint Usage Reports - CardioLog 2007 Enterprise - Trial

Additional Report Bundles
CardioLog comes with basic reports that provide excellent web analytics over SharePoint. There are also additional report bundles that are targeted specifically for each solution workload listed below -

The additional reporting bundles will be available for purchase during September 2008.  More information about the basic reports and additional report bundles can be found here.