7 years of VSTS –> Visual Studio ALM Rangers history … a la shirts

Official Ranger Shirts

You can recognise the ALM Rangers in their official shirts dating back to the blue 2006 VSTS Ranger days, 2010 ALM Rangers and soon to be distributed 2013 ALM Rangers shirt (front).

DSCN1717 … 3 shirts embracing 7 years of phenomenal adventures.

Certified ALM Rangers Ruck Masters will get two shirts, the one shown and a special one Smile See Ranger Flash – June 2013 and aka.ms/vsarindex for a list of the certified Ruck masters.

ALM Rangers 2012 “Gig” T-Shirt

All active ALM Rangers received a special “GIG” t-shirt at the beginning of FY12 to celebrate the phenomenal ALM Readiness solutions for Visual Studio 2012.


Willy’s Unofficial T-Shirts

To give something small back to the ALM Rangers, I decided to create, sponsor and hand-out a handful of special and custom made t-shirts.

Here is the complete collection …


Willy’s Favourite Custom T-Shirt

The following t-shirt, again a custom edition, is my absolute favourite.

As with some of the other t-shirts I used the artwork created by my late son Alexander, who loved the world of flight and Eagles.


ALM Readiness Treasure Map Team T-Shirt

I hope that Robert Bernstein the project lead of the ALNM Readiness Treasure Map team (https://aka.ms/vsartmaptoc) , is reading my posts

Challenge: If he and Anisha Pindoria achieve a session score that >= the ALM Rangers average and > the average of TechReady 17, then each member of his team will receive the following t-shirt in their favourite colour from me Smile