ALM Rangers ship the Unit Test Generator v1 … now what?

The Unit Test Generator is not about pure feature re-enablement, but instead embraces the new test architecture, provides additional functionality and support for other frameworks. - Joshua Weber, August 13, 2013.



v1.0.13.0820 (RTM) has shipped!

See , download and dog-food it today!

Find more information on this new solution and others visit 

We need candid feedback

After a great adventure the team will now take a break, analyse the feedback and decide whether there is a need to suggest a v1.1 (bug fix) and/or v2 (feature) project on Visual Studio UserVoice.

Remember … the team needs your candid feedback on the v1 release!

Not to forget

What has gone completely unnoticed is that this team not only worked on the feature backlog, but was instrumental in dog-fooding and defining the light-weight quality essential process and higher quality bars for the future quick response and tooling projects.

Watch the MSDN Magazine space for an upcoming article on Implementing StyleCop on the Team Foundation Service, which was another side effect of this project.

Finally a random statistic

77% of the code the team wrote/generated, tested and used was test code and therefore not included in the extension.