ALM Rangers Triage #2 - What happened to your idea in UserVoice?

October 1st we started the second triage of ideas, whereby the rest of this post is a summary of result. If you have submitted an ALM Rangers solution idea, please locate it below and determine if you are happy with the status and comment.  We need your candid feedback to ensure we prepare for the third triage and action your idea appropriately!

We have declined a few ideas and made a decision not to start any new projects at this stage. Why? We have reached our optimal bandwidth, we are feeding valuable in-the-field learning's into our evolving Ruck process and all teams are focused on their deliverables, ranging from service packs for our Visual Studio 2012 Readiness solutions, to end-of-sprint evaluation deliverables from the new “in-flight” projects.

This post is dated and reflects the status as at 2012/10/15.


Reference posts:


DONE – Ideas


No additional ideas have been completed since Triage #1.

STARTED – “In-flight” Ideas


Ideas that have been approved and have an ALM Rangers team working on a solution.

Idea Votes (Previous – Now)
Extend the Project Creation Process to promote Ranger branching guidance 2-2
Master ALM Treasure Map 10-10
TFS 2012 Storyboard with Kinect 8-11
*New* Add a how-to disaster recovery plan to the ALM Rangers Planning guide 2-6
*New* Better Unit Testing with Microsoft Fakes Guidance 13-13
*New* End to end guidance for DevOps bug resolution using IntelliTrace  14-14

Apart from the above the following ALM Ranger projects are currently “in-flight”:image



Ideas that are still under review and may be considered in future, transferred to another category or declined.

Idea Votes (Previous – Now) Comment
Custom TFS Data Warehouse samples & guidance 40-45  



Ideas that have been declined and will not be reviewed further,

Idea Votes (Previous – Now) Comment
create ALM Ranger guidance on "Leveraging Azure for Performance Testing" 146-149 Short term stop-gap solution only. Out of scope.
Tool for story mapping 11-11 Out of scope at this stage.
Provide ALM Rangers Guidance and Tooling around Baseline Management 8-8 Out of scope at this stage.
Taking to the next level 0-69 Out of scope at this stage.
TFS Self Service Portal 1-1 Out of scope at this stage and low votes.
Enhance the TFS Integration Tools Documentation 5-5 Low interest and we need to refine scope.
[Regional] TFS 2010 Visual Studio Scrum 1.0 Template Japanese localization project 20-20 Out of scope for ALM Rangers as we are not setup for regional content localisation.
Update the database guidance for the new SQL Server Data Tools 1-1 Out of scope at this stage and low votes.
End to end ALM environment hosted in Hybrid (Private/Public) Cloud 3 Out of scope at this stage and low votes.

TRANSFERRED – Category: Team Foundation Server


Ideas that have been transferred to the TFS category and are no longer monitored within Rangers Project category.

Idea Votes
TFS Integration With Jira 4


OTHER – Ideas we are watching


Ideas that are not allocated to Ranger Project category, but which we are currently reviewing.

Idea Votes
...develop an empowering Process Template editor!! 288-298

image_thumb79 That’s it! Looking forward to your candid feedback!