Casual interviews with a number of ALM Rangers … meet the face and person behind the name!

Anisha Pindoria has started an exciting initiative to interview Rangers as and when they get close to the Redmond campus. In addition to the pages these short interviews intend to introduce the person behind the name you may have spotted in one or more of the ALM Ranger solutions.


Casual Q&A at MVP Summit 2015

Casual Q&A at TechReady 20

Clementino De Mendonca

Esteban Garcia

Gordon Beeming

Hassan Fadili

Jim Szubryt

Oscar Garcia Colon

Tarun Arora

Utkarsh Shigihalli

Vladimir Gusarov

John Spinella

Marcus Fernandez

Donovan Brown

Caroline Williams

Jon Guerin

Mehmet Aras

Baruch Frei

Bipin Puthiyaveetil

What do you think about these Q&As?