Congratulations to all the Visual Studio ALM Ranger 2014 Champions‎

We are pleased to announce the 2014 champions, the “best of the best”, selected by their ALM Ranger peers.
To add more context to the nominations we are including nomination comments (“as is”), as well as the two runners up in each category this time.

champions 2014

--> product owner champion

image image
We have two winners, each with 21.33 % of the votes. Nominated for exceptional backlog ownership, engaging with project stakeholders and guiding the team.


Andrea Scripa

  • Razor sharp focus and always helpful ... a true leader by example!
  • Working with Andrea was always productive and focused to the goal with good and near-term decisions.
  • Andrea's leadership and involvement was outstanding.
  • Detailed oriented, super-fast response and attention to detail.

Ed Blankenship

  • As I had some problems and could not work so much He was the only one that I´ve worked with.
  • Very responsive and answers even the silliest of questions well.
  • He is very open for conversation (then again, so is everyone else :-) and he's always around on the Champs list.
  • Ed just rocks!


Joshua Weber

  • Quick to find the right people/give ideas that can help with the project.
  • Epitomizes the PO role.
  • Pro-active

--> project lead champion

image image
For creating product and being passionate about the project solution, acting as subject matter expert sounding board, promoting transparency and enabling the project team.


Casey O'Mara

  • During the time I worked on the project he was always very helpful and was always available to ask questions and show you exactly what needed to be done.
  • Extremely passionate
  • Casey did an excellent job moving the DevOps Workbench moving forward.
  • Was happy with Casey as PL
  • Always on and always dedicated to the success of the project. Works hard and gives 110%.


Michael Fourie

  • Relentless, tireless.
  • Does he ever sleep?


Robert Bernstein

  • Rums a tight ship and I liked working on his team best.
  • Continuously inspired the team. His appearances at TR as a pirate was phenomenal and reminded us that we are a passionate and fun-filled community :)
  • Captain Robert for me all the way!
  • Enthusiastic, always willing to help, and love the "arrgggghhh..."

--> product group champion

image image
For promoting collaboration between the ALM Rangers and the product group, for supporting the ALM Ranger community and promoting the dream of “work as one”.


Jeff Beehler

  • Very supportive and responsive with dog fooding environments, i.e. vsonline.
  • The dog-fooding feedback shared at the MVP Summit deserves multiple votes! Thank you for noticing and encouraging the dog-fooding efforts.
  • Has gone beyond the call of duty as part of VSOnline dog-fooding support, with positive and encouraging feedback at MVP Summit.


Andrea Scripa

  • Her detailed attention is awesome. Nothing get missed.


Bill Essary

  • Solid architectural and technical guidance at all times.
  • Always has time to listen and advise the Rangers and to ensure their contributions are known and valued.

--> ruck master champion

image image
For guidance, mentorship and coaching of project teams in terms of Ruck, and for continuously improving the engineering practices and unblocking teams.


Brian Blackman

  • Massive expertise and professionalism.
  • Brian Blackman is the best Ruck Master, very good leadership and focus.
  • Engages everyone and helps those that are struggling.
  • He Rocks! Crack jokes and Make all of us so proud to be part of this team and engage all till the end of the project
  • Because Brian rocks!
  • His dedication to the Ruck process
  • Has been supportive through my personal issues.
  • Brian is relentless just like our customer. Love working with you all the time. Process has value
  • He's very good at managing both projects and people, keeping stand-ups structured and moving forward.
  • I have to admit I didn't even know about the others. Maybe Brian's light obfuscates the others? ;-)
  • Brian is very accessible and very easy to get along with
  • Always on the ball, great motivator, encourages others to participate, helps those who are less skilled, Ruck Master who I have learnt to much from. :)
  • It's the best RUCK Master!
  • Provides good practical and simple advice.
  • He is very patient but not afraid to point out where things need to be improved.


Anisha Pindoria

  • No-one is friendlier :) Always mentoring the team before, during and after the stand-up ... never losing her smile or humour.


Jahangeer Mohammed


--> 933>| (Geek) champion

image image
For delivering phenomenal (geeky) solution and always being around to support and unblock teams with technical challenges.


Vladimir Gusarov

  • If you have a coding or debugging issue ... who do you call? Vladimir!
  • Geek ^ Geek


Gordon Beeming

  • Strong showing in the VersionControl project, showing real passion and ability to get things done.


David Pitcher Michael Fourie Rob Jarratt

  • David
    • Knows DevOps build and deployments like no other
  • Mike
    • Mike is a good passionate professional with many efforts for Rangers community and MVP's.
    • Seems to be always leading the way improving tools/process that directly enable improvements in engineering processes and enabling people.
  • Rob
    • His obsession with obsolete computers
    • His dedication in UnitTestFx was paramount to its delivery, and his architectural, design and implementation ideas were essential for the present quality of the tool.

--> associate ranger champion

image image
For emerging as a shining *star* amongst the ALM Ranger associates.


Gordon Beeming

  • Gordon was always ready to jump in.
  • He frequently contributes to Rangers discussions, adding a lot of value.
  • Effort!

James Waletzky

  • James jumped into the ALM Rangers community and assimilated himself so quickly that I was unaware that he was still an associate Ranger until I saw this survey.

Bipin Puthiyaveetil Edward Fry Sumeet Deshpande

  • Edward
    • Shining example of an associate Ranger who simply engages and works with the teams.
    • No fuss, no hand-holding and a very professional team player.

--> champion of champions

image image
The most prestigious award for the Ranger seen as a true leader, mentor and outshining the rest through sheer energy, expertise and passion.


Brian Blackman


  • Fantastic commitment to the cause!
  • He is very active and an exemplary Ranger to follow up.
  • Nurturing leader and Ruck Master
  • Knowledgeable, helpful, open to new ideas and not afraid to air his opinions.
  • Always helping, mentoring, encouraging and contributing to multiple projects. Wish we could clone him.
  • He's the best in field ALM Ranger.
  • Fantastic ruck master.
  • Always encouraging, always helping and a passionate ALM Ranger!
  • He invests so much time in the ranger Projects during his regular work, that's amazing!
  • An ALM Ranger you want by your side, no matter whether he is a contributor, reviewer, project lead or Ruck master he is always a project champion.


Michael Fourie

  • I've been absent from the community in the last cycle, however my vote goes to Mike for all the work done in recent years.
  • in addition to projects help establish new templates
  • He is an outstanding team member. His attention to detail and drive to quality is an aid to so many rangers projects.
  • Absolutely quality focused. Always give more than 100%.
  • Very focused. Always deliver!!
  • Just 'cause he's Mike :-)
  • hard worker never complains gets it done
  • He is all over the place and making proposals that are transversal to all projects
  • He never passes up an opportunity to help out


John Spinella

  • He has command of his projects
  • Ranger champion with customers
  • John rocks!

the best comment received

  • BrianH … “He's the Godfather”

This inspired yet another special and custom t-shirt for Brian. 


Both Bijan and I are disqualified from the nominations to ensure that the community gets the recognition. For those that have voted for us, thank you!

Here are two great comments received for Bijan’s nominations:

  • Methodical and supportive leader. He's the father.
  • Well you can think of several, but the reality is that without Bijan at the helm this program would have gone nowhere.

previous champions

All new and previous winners are listed on


Please join me in a big thank you, congratulations, and a virtualround of applause! All of you … winners, runners up and everyone else in the ALM Rangers community … you ROCK!