devconf’s log #5 – Sad it’s over, stoked over chats, and the 25h trek home

Continued from devconf’s log #4 – “Was zum Geier?”, lean coffee, and rain it’s time to close the curtains Sad smile and start the countdown to next year Smile 

Before I share the final pictures from the event, I’d like to THANK the hosts (Robert and Candice) for a phenomenal event and the speakers & attendees for great sessions and more importantly great discussions. Let’s keep the awesome chats going!

The event in Cape Town was my personal favourite for a number of reasons:

  • The day started with an energetic Lean Coffee event – missed the one in Johannesburg as I was in Zombie mode Alien
  • It was a smaller and cozier event – only three sessions to chose from at a time Thumbs up
  • We had a lot more discussions on DevOps and VSTS in the hallways Smile 
  • We brought the rain to drought-stricken Cape Town Open-mouthed smile

OK, here are a few more pictures:

Last traces of in Cape Town

My favourite water shortage sign


The event hotel in Cape Town was an oasis


Stunning Cape Town


Sorry for the delay in this final post … the 25 hour trek (journey) from Cape Town to Vancouver really took it out of me.

If you have any questions or feedback on my Moving 65000 Microsofties to DevOps with Visual Studio Team Services talk, please add a comment below, or tweet me on @wpschaub.

See you next time!