From VSTS 2005 to VSO Rename … time flies when you are having fun!

I remember the days when my colleagues Henk, Zayd Kara and I were sitting in the team lab, meticulously following the TFS 2005 installation checklist, only to reset after the “oh nooooooo, we missed step 13…”, followed by a re-install or living with an ill-chosen team project name for years.

That was approximately 10 years ago, when we kind-of looked as follows …


Then came the seemingly simple UserVoice idea rename project in TFS … followed by years of voting and continuing to live with ill-defined team project names. No more … we did a lot of dogfooding over the past few days and finally Brian Harry posted Team Project Rename available on VS Online!

We can now prefix the team project names with warnings of imminent deletion, and change ill-defined names to crisp and meaningful names, which again can be rename.d The possibilities are sheer endless.


I sound excited? You cannot imagine how excited I am about the feature, how impressed I am about the painless rename experience (most colleagues did not even notice we renamed our 24x7 team project a few times), and the solid feature the team shipped.

Well done and THANK YOU … it is time to enjoy the weekend and celebrate!