Introducing the Visual Studio ALM Rangers - James Waletzky

This post is part of an ongoing series of Rangers introductions. SeeRanger Index (Who is Who?)for more details.

Who you are?James Headshot 1 (WEB-Square-XS)

I am a long-time developer with 11 years at Microsoft before partnering with another ex-Microsoftee to form Crosslake. At Microsoft, I was a development leader in various product teams including Content Management Server, Windows Phone, and Xbox. My favorite role was in a centralized group called “Engineering Excellence”, where the focus was on improving software development across the company through activities like process improvement and teaching, particularly in the agile development space. A fun challenge! Personality-wise, I am sure I would be characterized as anal detail-oriented, organized, fun, and quality-driven. Well, at least that’s what my polite friends would say…

What makes you “tick”?

Throughout the years my passion towards *how* software is developed as grown immensely. Helping individuals and teams become “bigger, better, and faster” with respect to software engineering (people, process, and tools) is where I love to spend my time. Outside of work, things that keep me going include my new son, development of a card game (physical and software), several sports including softball, golf, and karate, and our little cabin in the mountains. I’ve also always wanted to invent teleportation, but I don’t think it is going to happen. Perhaps my son will do it.

Where you live?

Beautiful Snoqualmie, WA – just a hop, skip and a jump from the main Microsoft campus in Redmond.

Why are you active in the Rangers program?

We work with many companies that have adopted the MS platform and VS/TFS. As we gather learning, it would be great to share that learning with the community in more pervasive ways than one-off blogs. Additionally, we act as the voice of our customers when it comes to requesting new scenario adoption in future versions of the MS ALM tools. The Rangers program also looks like a ton of fun and a chance to get to know other industry experts and exhibit group think and influence.

What is the best Rangers project you worked in and why?

I haven’t directly worked on any of the ALM Rangers projects as this is my first stint. However, projects such as the build guidance, TFS Integration Tool, and the branching and merging guide have been invaluable as we work with our customers. I would love to contribute to these works as well.