MS Press – Managing Agile Open Source Software using Visual Studio Online

Finally our on-going Visual Studio Online dogfooding adventure and learnings are shared on MS Press for free:
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Pete, one of our patient reviewers, had this to say:

Are you working on a large, distributed software project, maybe with many part-time, and even volunteer resources? Do you struggle to make sense of the numerous schools of thought on managing agile projects? This book gives you a ringside seat for one of the largest, most complex software development efforts on the planet: the many projects of Microsoft’s ALM Rangers. Written with years of experience in managing and running hundreds of projects staffed by hundreds of volunteers and part-timers, this book gives you a direct view into how the team organized projects, managed competing demands, tracked team progress, and delivered on commitments. Clear, easy to understand examples are used throughout to illustrate the key points and highlight lessons learned. Case studies bring to life the real world projects that you can even check out for yourself. This is a unique opportunity to get an inside look at how large software efforts are effectively managed. Anyone involved in software development can benefit from reading this book. - Pete Fuenfhausen