Ranger Flash – November 2013 ... MVP summit, robotics and landing projects


The Unit Test Generator v1.2 bug fix release landed safely. Get your update today!


silent landings ( What are silent releases…? )

TFS Upgrade Guide v3.BETA was silently shipped on 7th November, introducing the new “crisper” look & feel.

TFS Reporting Guide v1.BETA was silently shipped on 20th November, introducing trend reporting to VS Online and many more gems.



Please welcome the following new ALM Rangers: Michael Wiley, Niel Zeeman, Prachi Bora and Sahaswaranamam Subramanian

vancouver development centre “sparkies”

Vancouver Development Centre is embarking on a community care project bringing software engineers, software development and robotics to the classroom of a local K-12 school. "Driving Sparkis to the Principal's Office" makes for an interesting challenge, instigated by the ALM Rangers.


cool bits

Latest gem from Tarun Arora and Utkarsh Shigihalli: Team Rooms for VS 2013. Now all we need is a Yammer extension for Visual Studio … cough, cough!

bed time (surface) reading material


tell us about your success stories!

Are you aware of a success story in which the Visual Studio ALM Rangers and/or their solutions have accelerated the adoption of Visual Studio, unblocked an engagement and/or resulted in a happy user? See Tell us about your success stories for details.

final image from the MVP Summit

Mike Fourie noticed our flight plan (status) board in building 18! WP_20131121_001

Total since 20070101 633 688
Daily average since 20070101 251 54
Daily average since last flash 606 6 84

See solution trends for more details. image


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WP_000591  Jim Szubryt demonstrates how to do a proper stand-up meeting during the MVP Summit. WP_20131120_004  Willy-Peter Schaub, Jim Szubryt and Charles Sterling at the MVP Summit. WP_20131120_002 Francisco Xavier Fagas Albarracin and Willy-Peter Schaub at the MVP Summit.   WP_000589 Remember: family>job>rangers!