Submit your Visual Studio idea using UserVoice

The Visual Studio team is actively listening to your feedback and is very interested in your ideas to improve the products. This includes the Visual Studio ALM Rangers who are actively reviewing the feedback and looking for new ALM Ranger project opportunities, which will deliver the out-of-band solutions for missing features and value-add guidance.

Where do you submit your idea?

Visit the UserVoice forum for Visual Studio:

How do you submit an idea?


  1. Define an idea title
  2. Select the category
  3. Describe your idea
  4. Post your idea

What is important when capturing an idea?

  1. Ensure your idea is realistic and actionable.
  2. Give context to your idea.
  3. Give instructions on what must or could be done to implement your idea.
  4. Select the correct category, to ensure that the idea ends up with the correct team.
    1. If your have an idea for TFS Version Control, select the Team Foundation Server category.
    2. If your have an idea for an existing or new ALM Ranger project, select the Rangers Project category.

Thank you for your candid feedback and GREAT ideas!

Appendix for Visual Studio ALM Ranger

Finally, if you are an ALM Ranger you will have noticed that we have closed our private forum and are re-directing all our ideas to the Visual Studio forum as well. When capturing an idea as an ALM Ranger, please append the following at the end of the comments, so that we can easily search for ALM Ranger submitted ideas:

Submitted by Visual Studio ALM Ranger.

As shown in the following extract:

Once submitted, please notify the ALM Rangers and ask them to vote for your idea Smile