TFS Integration Tools - Where does one start? … part 1b (pre-requisites)

In the TFS Integration Tools (Platform) we started a range of “getting started” posts to tie up a lot of lose ends. Looking at recent Team Foundation Server – Migration and Integration forum posts I believe that it would be valuable to add a post that ponders over pre-requisites.

If, and only if, the TFS Integration Tools are your migration tooling choice, you can start pondering over the pre-requisites:


  • Identify your source, target and TFS Integration Tools systems, whereby we could be looking at three separate systems or a combination of 2-3 of the environments on one. Typically the closer the systems, the less the network latency and the beefier the resources … the faster the migration.
  • In Where does one start? … part 1 (documentation) you have made conscious decisions in terms of the source and target technologies, which dictate the TFS Integration Tools adapters which you may have to source if not included in the base TFS Integration Tools. Make sure you peruse the release notes of any custom adapters carefully to understand their prerequisites.
  • If you want to use the Team Foundation Server 2008 adapters, ensure that you install the Visual Studio Team Explorer 2008. If you skip this step, the Team Foundation Server 2008 adapters will not light up in the TFS Integration administration shell.
  • If you want to add monitoring, you need to configure the monitoring tools as outlined in the documentation guide and peruse Data Driven Subscription Reporting a la Grant.