TFS Projects Best Practices (ACV) … Which Epics should we be considering for this likely new project?

One of the “possible” new Ranger projects is currently known as TFS Projects Best Practices.

When the project idea was nominated by Francisco Fagas the following description was defined: “CLIPART_OF_15054_SMJPGGuidance about best practices of how to structure team project collections and projects depending on some common scenarios as a strategic of implementation of TFS, for example how to structure TFS team projects and collections for simple projects: 1 project 1 deliverable, 1 company multiple deliverable, 1 company multiple projects, etc.”

At this stage we have defined three high-level Epics:

  1. As Dave (TFS Administrator) I want to understand how to structure Team Project Collections (TPC) within my organization.
  2. As Dave (TFS Administrator) I want to understand how to structure Team Projects (TP), Areas and Collections within my Team Project Collections.
  3. As Dave (TFS Administrator) I want to understand the implications of large projects and a mix of internal and external development teams on TPC and TP planning.

The project would be in a symbiotic relationship with the Visual Studio 2010 Quick Reference Guidance project, which is heading for a possible maintenance upgrade as well.

Cape Vulture  ... in case you are wondering about ACV … African Cape Vulture, living at

Your candid feedback would be appreciated in terms of the proposed Epics. Either suggest a change to one of the Epics or propose one or more alternative Epics. The only constraint we have is that we are limited to a maximum of three Epics at this stage.