Turning on the cold for Tiago – welcome to a cool Vancouver!

We caught up with Tiago Pascoal (MVP, ALM Ranger) in Redmond, where he was recording Application Insight sessions and having lots of fun in the studio Smile


It was an honour to welcome him in Vancouver for the weekend before he returned home. We started with a trip to Vancouver Island, enjoying the cruise, the fresh Salmon burger, followed by more food in the evening.


We should have realised that something was up, when we endured a strong, frisky, and freezing wind on the deck of the ferry.

It hardly ever snows in Vancouver, but on Sunday morning we had a surprise for Tiago.


We even crossed the harbour by sea bus across to North Vancouver, to present a stunning panoramic view of Vancouver to Tiago …


If all else fails, revert to food.


Tiago, THANK YOU for visiting the Schaub family on your way home. I hope you got a glimpse of Vancouver and enjoyed your weekend Open-mouthed smile