Troubleshoot Bluetooth Device Issues

Troubleshoot Bluetooth Device Issues


Sometimes, we may be puzzled by the issues of Bluetooth devices. I would like to share some ideas about how to troubleshoot these issues.

First of all, please make sure the software and drivers for the Bluetooth devices are properly installed and configured.

Also, we can take the following steps to pair the Bluetooth device in Windows 7 and type the passkey.

How to pair the Bluetooth device in Windows 7 and how to type the passkey:


  1. Connect your device to computer.
  2. Click the Start, type devicepairingwizard and Press Enter.
  3. Select the box "Turn on Bluetooth" and check "Make this device visible to other devices".
  4. After the device is detected, select your device and then Click Next to begin pairing.
  5. Let the Windows install the device drivers for your Bluetooth peripheral. If you skip the driver installation phase, you’ll probably end up with an outdated driver and might not have full functionality of your Bluetooth device.

Note: If you need to enter any pass code try 0000 that's the default for most of the Bluetooth device out there, if doesn't work, check the user menu of your device.

If there is any issue, please open Device and Printers, right click the Bluetooth device, and select Troubleshoot to fix the problem.


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