Automating Service Request Catalogs with System Center-Service Manager and Service Request Fulfillment with Orchestrator

Our presentation demonstrates how to deploy the service catalog introduced in System Center 2012 - Service Manager through PowerShell, as well as the benefits of doing so. We also dive into ways we utilize Orchestrator to automate fulfillment of some of the requests submitted to our team through the portal with the use of Orchestrator. We also show how we monitor the health of our service so we can anticipate and resolve any hiccups with our service.

Note: This presentation was originally given at a Microsoft internal event called ‘TechReady’.  Although most of the presentations at a TechReady event are typically Microsoft Confidential, we have specifically prepared this presentation to be shared with a public audience.  Please disregard the ‘Microsoft Confidential – Internal Only’ footnote that is present in the PowerPoint template for presentations at this conference.