Gene Ferioli Program Manager Windows Customer Advisory Team

Hi Everyone. My name is Gene Ferioli and I've been at Microsoft for 9 years and I focus on PKI, IPsec, Network Access Protection and anything else related to the security workloads in Windows Server. 


Network Access Protection

Network Access Protection (NAP) provides policy enforcement components that help ensure that computers connecting to a network meet administrator-defined requirements for system health. Administrators can use a combination of policy validation and network isolation components to control network access. Administrators can also choose to temporarily isolate computers that do not meet requirements to a more secure network segment, called a restricted or quarantine network. Depending on the configuration chosen, the restricted network might contain resources required to update the computers so that they then meet the requirements for full network access. Network Access Protection includes an application programming interface (API) set for developers and administrators to create complete solutions for network access, isolation, and policy compliance.

I've been working very closely with the NAP team for the past 18 months and I'm very excited to see this product ship in Longhorn. Yes yes.. Longhorn is far from release but there are a lot of things customers can do today to prepare for NAP. What are these things? STAY TUNED. These are the exact topics I plan to discuss in the upcoming weeks.


Tech Ed 2006 Boston, MA
I'll be presenting two sessions at Tech Ed this year.

"Server and Domain Isolation with Windows IPsec" and "Get Ready for Network Access Protection: What Everybody Needs to Know"