Microsoft Virtualization and Interoperability

As many of you know from announcements we have made that Microsoft continues to enhance our support for non Microsoft operating systems on our Virtualization stack. Thru our partnership with XenSource and now Novell (SUSE) the Linux operating system support is being enhanced to keep up with advancements taking place on the Microsoft Virtualization stack.  Some enhancements include supporting synthetic devices on Linux as a part of Windows Server Virtualization release. That will enable Linux to take advantage of our new hardware sharing architecture (VSP/VSC). I would be negligent to mention our current support In Virtual Server for Linux with additions for Redhat and SUSE distros. We have a number of major customers leveraging our Linux support in Virtual Server 2005 R2 in production deployments that span the range of industries. I have personally worked with a number of customers on those projects. So look for alot more posts on my virtualization activities moving forward.  


Allen Stewart

Windows Server Division Customer Advisory Team