The Server Partner Engineering Ecosystem for Windows Server 2012

Hi there! In this blog post, we’ll introduce some of the work my team drives for partner adoption and readiness on pre-release server OSes. In the previous blog post, we showcased the work we drive with customers in the TAP program and the Enterprise Engineering Center. Similarly, The Windows Server Partner Engineering program is focused on enabling partners during early development cycles. This team drives the partner adoption key new features and support readiness of their products on the new Window Server operating systems.

--Natalia Mackevicius

In the Windows Server Blog, we’ve already detailed some of the amazing new technologies in Windows Server 2012 and the compelling story these new technologies have on the private and public cloud. Windows Server 2012 has also had incredibly positive press from some of the top industry professionals on the extensive feature lineup and Windows Server’s response to what our customers have been asking for in an operating system. With the Release Candidate just around the corner in the first week of June, we are excited about the robustness and stability of our new product- something our broad Partner and Customer ecosystem will soon be able experience directly. But before we congratulate ourselves too much for a job well done, the Windows Server 2012 team must acknowledge the hardware and software partners who have innovated alongside Windows Server during this release process. The Partner and Customer Ecosystem Team (PaCE) within the Windows Server organization has done some amazing work by closely engaging with partners to drive adoption of the key new features being delivered in Windows Server 2012. Our partners have embraced and adopted the value proposition and the business benefits that Windows Server 2012 can bring to the IT and Hoster organizations. Engineering collaboration from our OEM, IHV, and ISV partners during early development cycles enables a supportive partner ecosystem that provides collaborative solutions to our mutual customers.

Microsoft values partner relationships in developing and showcasing end-to-end solutions for our customers. In the Windows Server organization, we also recognize how important the partner engineering ecosystem is to the success of product innovation. Whether it is network controllers, CNAs, chipset vendors, OEMs, or software partners building products and services to complement and support new Windows Server operating systems, each partner type plays a critical role in driving product adoption and readiness. Our Windows Server Partner Engineering program is designed to identify and enable these partners to develop Windows Server solutions and unlock new possibilities for IT professionals and hosters.

Over the next few months, my team will be blogging about key learning’s and areas of opportunity on how partners can successfully engage with Microsoft to adopt and support Windows Server 2012. We’ll give you a preview of new technologies our hardware and software partners have built to support new technology areas and keep you informed of how to engage with Windows Server on building your application and products.

Stay tuned for some exciting new products from some of our top and some of our newest partners on Windows Server 2012!

Allison Jones
Sr. Program Manager Lead, Partner Engineering Team
Server and Cloud Division