Week of July 1: New blogs from Windows Server/System Center MVPs

Greetings, all,

I’m back from TechEd in Madrid. It was a great time: I had the opportunity for some in-depth discussions with WS/SC MVPs and customers, the sessions were great, and I got to practice my Spanish. (Oh, yes, and the food was phenomenal.) Since we just finished TechEd, this week’s roundup includes a lot of what’s new in Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2, and pointers to online resources (including the download to evaluate the bits, now available for 2012 R2). Quite a few of the MVPs are also celebrating their renewal as of July 1. Congratulations, everyone!

One thing that is new this week: several more of the PowerShell MVPs asked me to include their blogs in the roundup, so we’ve got a lot more Powershell content now. If you’re exploring using PowerShell, I urge you to check out these blogs. I used to teach scripting classes. The first time you automate a task, it will take you longer than doing it in the GUI. The second time, it’s going to be about even. The third time, scripting is probably faster, as you can skip clicking through each window. It’s really worth your time to investigate PowerShell.




Allan Hirt

Robert Smit

Directory Services

Mike Kline

File System/Storage

Dennis Martin 

Group Policy

Matthias Wolf


Aidan Finn

Carsten Rachfal

Hans Vredevoort


Aleksandar Nikolic

Jeff Wouters 

Jeffrery Hicks

Ravikanth C 

Shay Levy 

Remote Desktop Services

Freek Berson

Setup, Deployment, and Patching

Mikael Nystrom 

Small Business Server

Elvis Gustin

System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management

Daniele Grandini

Didier Van Hoye

James van den Berg

John Joyner

Marnix Wolf

Silvio de Benedetto

Steve Buchanan

System Center Configuration Manager

Dubravko Marak

Johan Arwidmark

Kaido Järvemets

Kent Agerlund

Marcela Berri

Peter Daallmans


Edward Horley

Helge Klein