Week of November 11: Lots of Powershell, Azure for IT Pros, and learning resources for Windows Server 2012 R2

Greetings, all,

We’re getting ready for MVP Summit here in Redmond next week, and looking forward to meeting with the MVPs who are able to attend. While preparing for their visit, however, the MVPs keep blogging.

Keep learning about PowerShell with the links below. Not only are the PowerShell MVPs offering their usual set of tips (including Desired State Configuration), you can also learn how to user PowerShell from other MVPs. Also—you know how PowerShell capabilities depend on the version of PowerShell you’re running? Here’s how to programmatically test for version.

With IaaS, Azure is also getting increasing interest from the IT Pro community. Here’s some testing results from running Remote Desktop Services in Azure, as well as an overview of things that you should know if considering using the platform.

If you’re a fan of interactive learning, this roundup is a good opportunity to hear about in-person and online events such as PASS, E2EVC, Truth in IT series, the PowerShell Deployment Toolkit video (German) and the SMB Kitchen Chat. Or check out some reading material.

Happy reading!



Allan Hirt

Directory Services

Jorge de Almeida Pinto

Roberto di Lello

File System/Storage

Dennis Martin

Stephen Foskett

Group Policy

Darren Mar-Elia


Aidan Finn

Carsten Rachfal

Didier Van Hoye

Hans Vredevoort

Thomas Maurer


Don Jones

Jeff Wouters

Jeffery Hicks

Ravikanth C

Shay Levy 

Steven Murawski

Remote Desktop Services

Freek Berson

Greg Shields

Nicholas Dille

Small Business Server

Amy Babinchak

Elvis Gustin

Philip Elder


Richard Hicks