Coming soon: Visual Studio 2013 and other updates to Compact 2013

Posted By Partha Srinivasan
Senior Product Manager

When we launched Windows Embedded Compact 2013 in June 2013, we created an operating system platform well suited for creating small-footprint devices that provide silicon flexibility with real-time capabilities. We also updated the product with the latest tools and technologies by integrating with the latest Visual Studio (at the time, Visual Studio 2012), Compact .Net Framework 3.9 (based on .Net Framework 3.9), and a new compiler with better optimization, networking and cloud capabilities.

Since the launch, we have been working hard, training our customers and partners on the new capabilities and features and covering several topics through our monthly webinar events and technical blogs. We also worked closely with our partners and published information on the latest drivers available for the product. We have made improvements to the product that help our customers accelerate their development and improve their time to market through access to the latest tools and additional in-box capabilities.

We are now pleased to announce that this spring, we be releasing an update to the Windows Embedded Compact 2013 product. This update release includes integration with the latest Visual Studio 2013 through an updated platform builder and application builder and an in-box Wi-Fi device driver for TI SDP44xx.

We are really excited about the capabilities we are adding to the product, and we’ll offer more details on some of these improvements in the coming weeks. Using Windows Embedded Compact 2013 along with other Windows Embedded products, our customers can create more intelligent- and connected-device experiences and help enterprises build the next generation of intelligent systems.