Ford Makes Its Computex Debut and Unveils Microsoft-powered SYNC to Taiwan

Posted By Chris Elliott
Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Walk around Computex and quickly you’ll see that all the usual tech players are there: Intel, Asus, Samsung and of course Microsoft, just to name a few. But dig a little deeper and you’ll see that one well-known global brand is making its debut this year at the world’s second largest technology tradeshow. That brand: Ford Motor Company.

What in the Taiwan is Ford doing at Computex? The same thing it has done at other major technology shows such as CES and Mobile World Congress, proving to the world that the automobile is a consumer electronic device — it’s just a really big one. Oh, and it can go zero-to-100 kilometers-per-hour in less than 7 seconds.

With Microsoft as its co-pilot, Ford made several news announcements at Computex including bringing its award-winning Ford SYNC system to Taiwan in the new Ford Focus. This will enable Ford customers in Taiwan to make phone calls or play their favorite music using Mandarin voice commands via SYNC, powered by Microsoft.

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Taiwan is just the latest Asian market to get the good news that SYNC is coming to town. Ford has already announced SYNC will launch across Europe and Asia later this year. Based on Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Automotive software platform, Ford SYNC is now installed in more than 4 million Ford vehicles, and the automaker projects an additional 9 million vehicles will be equipped with SYNC by 2015. That’s a lot of people around the globe using their voice to call mom, find the nearest coffee shop, or play their favorite song. Right now, I’m calling for the track “Westward Bound” from one of my new, favorite bands, Ha Ha Tonka.

Microsoft couldn’t be more excited about its partnership with Ford. Together, they’re enabling consumers around the world to use their own voice to access their own mobile phone and MP3 players. This means they can keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. And because it’s built on the Windows Embedded Automotive software platform, consumers can also enjoy the peace of mind knowing their in-car technology won’t get old. Software equals updatable. This means the system will be in sync (sorry!) when a driver purchases a new phone. Where in the world will SYNC appear next? Only Carmen, Ford and Microsoft know. And we’ve sworn Carmen to secrecy.