Support Lifecycle Transitions for Windows XP Embedded

Please note the important support transitions happening for Windows XP Embedded.

Support for Windows XP Embedded Platforms on Service Pack 2

Support for Windows XP Embedded SP2 ended January 11, 2011—the date established upon the release of Windows XP Embedded SP3 in November, 2008. Support forboth Windows XP Embedded Feature Pack 2007 and Windows XP Embedded Update Rollup 1.0 on SP2 also retired on that date.This announcement is in line with the Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy for Service Packs, which states that when a new service pack is released, Microsoft will provide 24 months of support for the previous service pack.

Windows XP Embedded Enters Extended Support

Additionally, Windows XP Embedded at the supported Service Pack level, currently SP3, exited Mainstream support and entered the Extended support phase of its Lifecycle on January 11, 2011. During the Extended Support phase for Windows XP Embedded, Microsoft continues to provide security updates at no additional charge. Additionally, paid support remains available. Extended Support for Windows XP Embedded at the supported service pack level is available until January 12, 2016. For more information about Service Pack and Product Lifecycle, visit the Microsoft Support Lifecycle site.

To continue receiving support in the Extended support phase, customers currently onone of the Windows XP Embedded SP2platforms should update to Windows XP Embedded SP3. OEMswho purchase through the Distribution Channel can visit the New OPKs and Supplements for November 1 - 30, 2008 - Announcementpage on the Mobile & Embedded Communications extranet or work with your Distributorto receive updates and fixes. Direct OEMs can access updates and fixes via Microsoft OEM Online.

Customers may also want to consider migrating to Windows Embedded Standard products which are still in Mainstream support. For more information on the latest Embedded products, please visit

If you havefurther questions around the Support Lifecycle Policy, visit the Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy FAQ page.

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Windows Embedded team.

PS: The blog is a good resource for answers to common questions around Microsoft Support lifecycle in general.

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