Windows Embedded Compact 2013 update release is now generally available

Posted By Partha Srinivasan
Senior Product Manager

We are pleased to announce that the update release to Windows Embedded Compact 2013 is now generally available. The release provides access to the new Visual Studio 2013, with an updated platform builder and application builder. There will be also a new inbox Wi-Fi driver for TI SDP44xx chipset.

Windows Embedded Compact 2013 is the ideal OS platform for powering some of the smallest industry devices, such as programmable logic controllers and human-machine interface panels used to monitor processes in manufacturing, RFID scanners in retail environments, and portable ultrasound machines and diagnostic lab equipment in health settings. When these devices are connected via the cloud to back-end systems, the resulting intelligent system generates data that can be harnessed and analyzed to provide actionable insight for the enterprises to improve operational and market intelligence.

With the new support for Visual Studio 2013, the product extends the experience of Windows-based development and helps businesses capitalize on the Internet of Things. We have also implemented the Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) 6.1 miniport driver model, which is more stable and provides a faster performance for Wi-Fi transfer. In addition, the auto configuration module improvements provide an interface that helps to manage both wireless network profiles and connections. We are also including the inbox driver for TI SDP44XX chipset to make it easier for faster prototyping and development to enable connected device scenarios. There are also other improvements such as bootloader availability on microSD, the ability to download the operating system over Ethernet and USB, and the ability to debug the kernel over Ethernet and RNDIS layers.

With all these new improvements, we are continuing to make Windows Embedded Compact 2013 even better and easier for creating differentiated and connected devices and enabling our customers get them to market faster at lower cost.

OEMs and developers who would like more information can view the Windows Embedded Compact 2013 product page and download the full toolkit here; you can also read more of my blogs about Compact here.