How to add a YouTube DataSource in Windows AppStudio

Here are the simple steps to add a YouTube DataSource in Windows AppStudio:

1. Click on and click on DataSource.

2. You would see the below screen.

       a. Change the YouTube section name if you want.

       b. Next, create a new YouTube key.


3. This will take you to a new screen as shown below:


Click on the highlighted section. This will connect your free YouTube developer account with your Windows AppStudio app.

  4. This will take you to the Google Developers page. Login with your standard Google user name and password.


5. Click on ‘Create Project’.


6.  Enter a ‘PROJECT NAME’  and ‘PROJECT-ID’ and click on ‘Create’.




7. Now, the YouTube API needs to be switched ON. To do this

         a. Click on APIs.


  b.  Scroll down the screen till you find ‘YouTube Data API v3’ and click on ‘OFF’ to switch ON the API.


c.  Once it is switched on the API is visible in the ‘Enabled APIs’ section


8. Now we need to pass the credentials to the App. To do this click on ‘Credentials’ and then click on ‘Create New Key’.


9.  Click on ‘Browser key’



10. Click on ‘Create’


11. Copy the API KEY.



12. Paste the API KEY in the Windows AppStudio Section and click on ‘Validate’.  Ensure that there are no additional spaces before or after the Api Key. This is a common issue that can cause errors.


13.  The API key is registered now.


14. You will be able see the key name in Data Configuration.

15. Select the ‘API Keys’ and type in the YouTube channel name.

16. You will be able to see the channel videos in the preview screen.