Windows App Studio + Sound Cloud

Joshua Drew takes us through adding Sound cloud functionality to your Windows App Studio app:

"Over the next few weeks I am going to explore adding the SoundCloud services into an app generated by Windows Phone App Studio. If you do not know what Windows Phone App Studio is, you can view the site or follow my tutorials to get you up to speed. In short, it is an online tool to quickly generate Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 apps. You are provided with the source code and have the ability to extend your generated app.

Why SoundCloud? The api is pretty straightforward and the benefits are vast. If you are a local DJ and want to get your music in an app or if you are an independent artist you can do the same pretty easy. Drag and drop to create your app out on App Studio and add a few lines of code to enable SoundCloud.

The example I am going to start with is a simple track listing. We will grab a few tracks (we will need to get the URL’s from SoundCloud) and add them into App Studio and then generate our project. From there we will make some modifcations and enable accessing those music tracks.

Lets dive in!"

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