How do I translate the error reported in the Windows Installer log?


Can you help me decipher the error from LastErrorRecord

 FormatText :


"1: 2235 2: .\debug\ftminstall.msi 3: Value 4: UPDATE ControlCondition SET ControlCondition.Value = 1 WHERE ControlCondition.Dialog ='FolderForm' AND ControlCondition.Control='AllUsersRadioGroup' and ControlCondition.Action='Hide' "            

Hex(err)= 80004005

Err.description= "OpenView,Sql" 


There are two contexts here: Windows Installer errors and messages from the layer(s) under us

For windows installer,

  1. look at the first field (in this case 2235)
  2. look at Windows Installer Error Messages for the error: in this case
  3. 2236 Database: [2]. Invalid operator '[3]' in SQL query: [4].
  4. Substitute the [#] with the # from the log.

For the underlying layer, the way I look up eight digit errors that start with 8 is

  1. open a VS Command shell
  2. run errlook
  3. copy the error string
  4. paste it into errlook
  5. hit OK

I believe this is “Unspecified error”

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