Troubleshooting tips for constructing UTF8 MSIs from IDTs?


I'm trying to import UTF8 encoded IDT files to make a UTF8 code page MSI but the import is failing. Can you help me troubleshoot?


Reviewing the SDK, the topics ASCII Data in Text Archive Files and Archive File Format are not entirely clear around this point. I've entered a SDK bug with the following context.

The missing point is that the file itself should be saved as ASCII even if it's going to support a different encoding. Generally a file saved in a specific encoding will start with hex characters that communicate the file encoding to encoding-aware editors. For example,

  • Unicode file starts with a FFFE
  • UTF8 files start with an EFBBBF

An idt should not start with any of these encoding indicators.

Another way of expressing this detail is:
When trying to build UTF8 MSIs through IDTs, the data (including column/table names) inside this IDT file could be UTF8, but the file itself should not be UTF8.

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