Build apps with the experts at Windows 8 Dev Camps

We’ve been reading your comments and questions here on the blog and in the forums, and we know a lot of you are interested in building new Metro style apps, but you also have a lot of questions. One great place that you can go to get answers is a Windows 8 Dev Camp. Dev Camps complement the Dev Center resources and are a hands-on learning opportunity that will help you become an even better developer of Metro style apps.

So, what exactly is a Windows 8 Dev Camp? It’s a free event that pulls together developers like you to learn more about building apps. The camps are a chance for you to learn interactively and get advice from expert app builders, and are being held in hundreds of locations around the world.

Our camps will vary from place to place, but at any of them, you can learn the basics about the development platform, Metro style design, and the Windows Store. Beyond the basics, different camps may emphasize different topics like, for example, bringing your apps to life with tiles and notifications, integration with the Windows 8 contracts, and so forth.

If a camp sounds like a good fit for you, check out the schedule at, where you can find all of the camps happening around the world. Right now there are more than 100 camps available, and we’re adding more every day. The camps are free to attend, so check out the schedule and sign up for the camp closest to you.

Neil Hutson
Senior Director of Platform Evangelism