AzCopy – Support for Read Access Geo-Redundant account

We are glad to announce that AzCopy new version V2.3 has been released at new version will take advantage of the new Read Access Geo Redundant Storage (RA-GRS) functionality and include support for reading Geo-Redundant account’s data in the secondary region. For RA-GRS, please find details at Windows Azure Storage Redundancy Options and Read Access Geo Redundant Storage.

After enabling RA-GRS in the azure portal, if the primary endpoint is “myaccount.<service>”, the secondary endpoint will be “myaccount-secondary.<service>”.

Here are the samples of AzCopy reading blobs from the secondary region (Attention: You cannot copy data to the secondary region).

  • Download blobs from an RA-GRS account’s secondary endpoint to your local disk.

            AzCopy d:\test\ /sourcekey:key /s

  • Copy blob from an RA-GRS account’s secondary endpoint to the primary endpoint.

            AzCopy /sourcekey:key /destkey:key abc.txt

Furthermore, AzCopy V2.3 has made various performance improvements, and has been updated to use Azure Storage Client library v3.0.3.