Node XML Editor added to HPC Pack Tool Pack

'Tool Pack' is the name we use to release various utilities written by the dev team in their spare time. Today we are adding one new tool.

The 'Node XML Editor for Excel' - If you are looking for a handy way to create node XML files to efficiently add nodes to your 2008 or 2008 R2-based HPC cluster (from bare metal or as preconfigured nodes) then this is the tool for you!

Simply open the Node XML Editor in Excel and you'll see a simply screen for typing the data you need to add nodes in your HPC cluster. Add a row for each node and save your new Node XML file. Then, in the HPC Cluster Manager, you can import the node XML file using the Add Node Wizard.

For more information about the elements in the node XML file, see Create a Node XML File in the Windows HPC TechNet Library.

Download the Node XML Editor fromĀ

Though technically unsupported, feel free to post any questions/suggestions in our forums at