Submit job from SUA (Subsystem for Unix based Application)

SUA is a very nice tool for porting Unix/Linux application, but it can also be used to submit job. You just have to set the path to the HPCS binary into your PATH variable :

With BASH :
  export PATH=$PATH:"/dev/fs/C/Program Files/Microsoft HPC Pack/Bin"

With Korn Shell :
  set PATH $PATH:"/dev/fs/C/Program Files/Microsoft HPC Pack/Bin"

And then you can submit job (copy from a Korn Shell windows on my head node):

$ set PATH $PATH:"/dev/fs/C/Program Files/Microsoft HPC Pack/Bin"
$ job.exe submit /workdir:\\\\hpcs-fr\\Shared /stdout:out-tv.txt /stderr:ett-tv.txt ping -n 50 hpcs-fr
Job has been submitted. ID: 37.
$ job.exe list
Id Owner Name State Priority Resource Request
---------- -------------------- ---------------------------------------- ------------ ----------- ------------------
36 HPCSFR\Administrator Running Normal *-* cores
37 HPCSFR\Administrator Running Normal *-* cores

2 matching jobs for HPCSFR\administrator