Video: Demos of cool new Windows Mobile 6.1 features

Windows Mobile 6.1 was just announced at CTIA yesterday. A bunch of us got together to record a video demoing most of the new features in Windows Mobile 6.1. Check out this 40-minute video that shows:

  • Cool devices, including the T-Mobile Shadow, HTC Tilt, Pantech Duo, Moto Q9
  • The new Sliding Panel home screen (aka "Bronze")
  • All new home screen plugins
  • Threaded SMS
  • Copy & Paste support for non-touch devices
  • New Task Manager
  • Clock & Alarms
  • Windows Live and Live Search Mobile
  • and more...

This is a long video but it shows several features in great detail that you may not see elsewhere. Also note, there are other improvements in Windows Mobile 6.1 that we don't cover in this video, including IEMobile's new Zoom feature and integration with SCMDM 2008.

-Mel Sampat

Windows Mobile 6.1