Recent Windows Forms Documentation Updates

Since Visual Studio 2005 was released, we've received a fair amount of feedback on the documentation. We have been able to clarify and update many help topics in response to this feedback, so please keep it coming! You can provide feedback from links directly on the topics, through Microsoft Connect, or through this blog.  

To view updated documentation within the integrated Visual Studio help viewer, make sure that your Help options are set to load online content. You can do this through the Tools menu in Visual Studio by selecting Options, then navigating to the Environment | Help | Online section of the Options dialog box.

You can also view updated topics on MSDN2 at the URLs below. Each MSDN2 topic indicates which version of the product that topic is for. To ensure you are looking at the latest version of the topic, you will want to select the versions for .NET Framework 3.0 or Visual Studio Codename Orcas.

The following list shows conceptual topics that we've updated in the past several months. We've also updated reference topics as indicated on the Windows Forms Reference Updates page.

Title Link
Accessing Unexposed Members on the Managed HTML Document Object Model
Code for Windows Forms Applications
Creating a New Windows Form
Data Binding and Windows Forms
Extending Design-Time Support
How to: Add and Remove Nodes with the Windows Forms TreeView Control
How to: Bind a Windows Forms Control to a Type
How to: Determine Checked Items in the Windows Forms CheckedListBox Control
How to: Develop a Simple Windows Forms Control
How to: Disable URL Activation of ClickOnce Applications Using the Designer
How to: Display Option Buttons in a MenuStrip (Windows Forms)
How to: Display Print Preview in Windows Forms Applications
How to: Enable Windows XP Visual Styles
How to: Give Your Control a Transparent Background
How to: Make a Startup Windows Form Invisible
How to: Move Through a DataSet with the Windows Forms BindingNavigator Control
How to: Play a Sound Embedded in a Resource from a Windows Form
How to: Provide a Toolbox Bitmap for a Control
How to: Select an Item in the Windows Forms ListView Control
How to: Simulate Mouse and Keyboard Events in Code
MenuStrip Control (Windows Forms)
PrintDocument Component Overview (Windows Forms)
Server and Client Configuration Issues in ClickOnce Deployments
Troubleshooting Control and Component Authoring
Troubleshooting Design-Time Development
Walkthrough: Authoring a Composite Control with Visual Basic
Walkthrough: Automatically Populating the Toolbox with Custom Components
Walkthrough: Creating a Windows Forms Control That Takes Advantage of Visual Studio Design-Time Features
Walkthrough: Retrieving Dialog Box Information Collectively Using Objects
Walkthrough: Running an Operation in the Background
Windows Forms Designer Error Messages