Script#: A New Way to AJAX

Apologies for the recent radio silence - I've been out of office due to a death in the family. I'll have more next week. In the meantime, if you dabble in both Web development as well as Smart Client development, you'll want to check out Nikhil Kothari's Script#, a compiler that converts AJAX-ish C# into Javascript that's ready to roll.

Not sure if I'd personally ever use this, but it looks like a cool "gateway" for C# and .NET wonks who don't want to pick up YASL (Yet Another Scripting Language). Also, if you're crafting a Windows FormsĀ app in C# that uses the WebBrowser control and need to churn out some script, this tool might prove useful in keeping all of your code base in C#, to ease both maintainability and testing.