Download WinPE 2.0 Beta 2 now!!!!

Hello again!

It's been a while since my last post. I just got back from TechEd in Boston, MA. Many thanks to all who attended my talk. During my presentation, I promised that when I got back to Redmond that priority #1 was ensuring that EVERYONE can download WinPE 2.0. Today is that day my friends...

WinPE 2.0 is packaged up in the Windows AIK, which is part of the BDD. I know that from this BDD annoucement that it isn't very clear that WinPE is in there. Trust me, it is! You can download this RIGHT NOW from Enjoy!

- Andy

The annoucement:

Now Available: BDD 2007 Beta 1 for Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office System

The Microsoft Solutions for Infrastructure & Management (MSIM) team is pleased to announce the Beta release of the Microsoft Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment (BDD) 2007.

BDD has changed the face of scaled desktop deployments, providing true end-to-end guidance and automation for all required processes. We are excited to announce BDD 2007 Beta 1 to enable Lite Touch deployments of Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system desktop images. Many things have changed in Windows Vista that will significantly ease deployment, including new out-of-the-box imaging technologies, XML-based migration scripts, new tools for image engineering (ImageX and System Image Manager), and new unattend XML format. As with any advancement in technologies, getting the maximum benefit requires understanding the tools and technologies, and BDD 2007 provides the depth of guidance and tooling to make the Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office system deployment process predictable and scalable.

BDD 2007 is the best practice set of guidance and automation to optimally deploy Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system. BDD 2007 uses an integrated deployment workbench built using ImageX, System Image Manager, Windows PE 2.0, and Windows Deployment Services. The BDD Workbench enables you to build and manage multiple OS configurations, define network deployment points and network shares, inject drivers, attach language packs, and chain applications. It even helps generate ISO and WIM images using Windows PE. BDD 2007 also alleviates much of the scripting requirements of previous BDD versions by incorporating a stand-alone task sequencer derived from System Center Configuration Manager 2007.

The BDD 2007 Beta 1 release supports four primary Lite Touch deployment scenarios:

  • New: Format the computer’s hard disk and install a new operating system (wipe-and-load) and applications.
  • Refresh: Save all configuration information, remove the existing operating system, and install a new operating system and applications.
  • Upgrade: Preserve existing applications and configuration information by upgrading the existing operating system.
  • Replace: Save user data from the old computer. On the new computer, install a new operating system and applications and restore the saved user data.

This Beta release of BDD 2007 currently supports deployment of Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system Beta releases. Release versions of BDD 2007 will add support for Windows XP and share common tools with Windows Vista across both x86 and x64 platforms. Included tools and documentation are not feature complete and we strongly recommend following the release notes to get started. Zero Touch features will be available for the SMS 2003 OS Deployment Feature Pack Update to enable hands-free deployment of Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office system desktops.

Where to Find the Solution

  • BDD 2007 Beta 1 is part of the Windows Vista Tech Beta and TAP programs. It is also available as an open beta download. Visit and apply for the Business Desktop Deployment 2007 (Beta) for Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system program.
  • The Beta documentation will be available soon on Microsoft TechNet.

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