High Speed Networking Deployment Guide Released

Loyal readers - many of the performance questions we get in the Windows Server Performance team pertain to networking. We've described several networking performance features and applicable scenarios in previous posts and in our tuning guides.

We wanted to inform you that an incredibly useful white paper was recently published from our friends in the High Speed Networking team titled  " Networking Deployment Guide: Deploying High-Speed Networking Features." The document covers concepts, deployment instructions, and diagnostic monitoring tools for high speed networking features available in Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 such as TCP Chimney, Receive Side Scaling (RSS), netDMA, and virtual machine queue (VMQ).

If you've ever been curious about the difference between the Automatic and Enabled settings for TCP Chimney, or wanted to know which registry keys to set to enable VMQ interrupt coalesing (tip: coalescing may reduce the overhead of VMQ interrupt handling!), this document (direct link) is where to get the information.

Happy Configuring!

Matthew Robben

Program Manager, Windows Server Performance Team