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At Microsoft, we care deeply about supporting compliance with specific standards and regulations related to data security and privacy as required by our customers in various geographies and industries.

We consider compliance a core feature of our services, and we make significant investments in this area to ensure that that we are continuously innovating on compliance as we do with all the other aspects of Office 365.


Our Office 365 Trust Center is the best place to get information on security, privacy and compliance.


Latest innovations in Office 365 compliance

we are announcing two new additions to our compliance capabilities—ISO 27018 and HITRUST.


Office 365 mapping of CSA Security, Compliance, and Privacy Cloud Control Matrix requirements white paper

This white paper describes how Office 365 fulfills the security, compliance, and risk management requirements as defined by the Cloud Security Alliance, Cloud Control Matrix.


Top questions to ask your service provider

Top questions you should ask a cloud service provider when considering the cloud for your IT services, and how Microsoft Office 365 answers these questions.

Top 10 security and privacy features of Office 365

Top privacy and security considerations to help you determine the security and trustworthiness of cloud service providers and their services.

Top 10 compliance standards of Office 365

See some of the key world-class industry standards and certifications that Office 365 meets.

Security, Audits, and Certifications

Every year, we undergo third-party audits by internationally recognized auditors as an independent validation that we comply with our policies and procedures for security, privacy, continuity and compliance.


Service Level Agreement

We provide financial backing to our commitment to achieve and maintain the service levels for each service.

The latest SLA document for Microsoft Online Services is as shown below.


To obtain the latest SLA document, please refer to the following link.

Office 365 for Business comes with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime:

Get peace of mind knowing your services are available with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, financially backed service level agreement (SLA).