WMI cheat sheet and link to MSDN documentation

WMI team created a useful cheat sheet summarizing what's new in WMI. This is a great reference doc for developers. We are making them available through this blog post - as is. 

 The real documentation is still on MSDN (and it is being regularly updated). Cheat sheets are just a quick reference to get people started.

Some other useful links


WMI – MI API docs on MSDN

MSDN location of the new WMI Management Infrastructure   API documentation.

SDK Samples

MI API Samples

WMF 3.0   download

Download the Windows Management Framework. Contains WMI,   WS-Man & PowerShell updates from Win8. Applies to WinSrv2008, 2008R2, and   Win7.

CIM IDE  download

CIM  IDE tool is a Visual Studio snap-in used to build WMI providers & CDXML.

Thanks to Keith Bankston, lead WMI PM , for authoring this this cheat sheet and sharing with community.



Osama Sajid

Program Manager

WMI CheatSheet for Developers.pdf