Designing the floorplan of a personal 767

I've been following this story with great interest since it first broke in the Wall Street Journal. While I don't currently have a 767, you can never be too prepared. With that in mind, I whipped together a Visio version of theĀ airplane floorplan from the story using the default Home Plan stencil (the nice thing about a plane the size of a 767 is that you can presumably use regular sized home furniture). It was easy to put this together - I just pasted the image from the story into Visio, scaled it appropriately, then used the outline to trace the walls before deleting the image. I also used themes to give it that nice blueprint look.

I was able to give Sergey the California king sized bed he wanted, but through some egregious oversite our templates don't seem to have a hammock master so I couldn't hang any from the ceilings. Hopefully the grand piano I threw in to the back of the plane will make up for the omission.

If you want to customize your own 767, download 767.vsd below. To get the full set of stencils, you need to have Visio 2003 or 2007 Pro but if you just want to move the shapes around Standard will suffice.